Individual Therapy

(Online and in Catalonia)

The therapy I offer is for you if...


You need to share and talk with someone about what you are going through. You might feel overwhelmed and alone and as if you don’t have a clear idea of how to focus your life.


You are looking for changes and other points of view to your situation. You are open to explore your family lineage and your soul’s memories in order to transcend them.


You understand that the profoundness of your transformation depends essentially on your willpower and predisposition to live differently.

…if at the end of the day you wish to feel better…

In my sessions...


You are the one who matters.

I listen and make questions and suggest different exercices so that you can dive into your own experience and let it all come out.


I use Gestalt and Transpersonal Therapy mainly as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Family Constelations Therapy and Therapeutical Theatre.



You can go through a longer process with weekly meetings or do one Family Constelation or Akashic Registers session, where the idea is to bring information into your conscious mind and heal from ancestral trauma.

…you can just be yourself…

More information about me...

My name is Outi and I have been living for the past 10 years on the beach close to Barcelona.

I was born in Finland in 1985 and my first years of life were tormented by a difficult separation process of my parents, that left me with a deep feeling of loneliness and an unconscious depression. As a teenager bullying at school was something I had to face almost everyday and suicidal thoughts accompanied me in my suffering. After high school I went on to university to study engineering, which I realized wasn’t what I really wanted to do in life around finishing my studies. I wanted and needed something else… But I didn’t know what and I felt lost, however the will to live won and I ended up living in many other countries, whilst looking for myself and some purpose for my existence. I even studied to become a mathematics teacher before ending up in my therapy studies.

In Barcelona I studied to become a Gestalt Therapist, which opened up completely new doors for me on how to be more aware of myself and how to overcome my childhood traumas. I also studied Family Constellation Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and different esoteric studies.

My therapy studies have helped me in so many ways to feel better and to find purpose and meaning for my life. I enjoy interacting with my clients in their rough moments as well as in their moments of joy and breakthrough. 

If you resonated with me and are looking for a therapist, feel free to contact me.
I’m looking forward to listening to you!

(+34) 642 073 987


[email protected].

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